More loan, but more selective

  More loan, but more selective “In some communities, some entity, as a result of mergers, accounts for more than 60% of the business” Spanish banking, with more capital and money from the ECB, will lend to companies with magnifying glass and filter Starting in November, banking will experience a revolution in Europe : all […]

Need a smaller loan? See options as needed

Do you need a smaller credit on the account? There are many loan types and concepts in the financial industry and as a private customer it can be difficult to distinguish these from one another. makes you wiser about your options and on what credit loans are for a size. It is not something […]

Request for redemption of loan Paris

The over-indebtedness is progressing visibly in France. The figures published by the Banque de France are formal. French households are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the loans they have taken out. In this register, the Île-de-France region is among the most affected. For households in Ile-de-France affected by over-indebtedness, they can apply for a […]

Make a redemption of real estate loan, the steps

The repurchase of mortgage is a refinancing solution open to any French resident, real estate owner, aged 18 years or more and who wishes to be redeemed his (her) current credit (s).   The mortgage buyback, what is it? The repurchase of loans is the repurchase by a specialized institution of several loan accumulated by […]

We prefer to take an apartment on loan

In 2017, we buy more homes than without a loan. Compared to the previous year, banks gave 23% more home loans to buy used homes. In the first half of 2017, HUF 195 billion was used, and 53,000 used homes were sold and more than half of the sales were loaned. Average loan amount and […]

The fight for mortgage loan is not over

The EU equates Danish mortgage bonds with government bonds. It’s an important victory. If we are to secure Danish mortgage loan in the long term, this requires that the Danish system be extended to the rest of Europe. Mortgage bonds are equated with government bonds Finally, after long negotiations, a solution has been found in […]

The mortgage loan sector in the way

Edge Denmark is severely affected by changed conditions in the mortgage loan sector, and the crisis is hit particularly hard in these areas. The companies are failing the principle of equal conditions for borrowers. Is it fair? The conditions for raising mortgage loans have been changed since the start of the financial crisis in 2008. […]

Loan for dentures

Not every patient can afford the often high costs of dentures from their own financial resources. Statutory health insurance companies receive from their health insurance companies only the so-called standard dental services, which in many cases neither qualitatively nor aesthetically correspond to today’s medical technology standard. But even with the private insured it looks by […]

Danish mortgage loan enemy no. 1

Should an Englishman Determine How to Make Loans for Your Home? This can be the case if the Danish mortgage loan system is not successful. Last week, members of the new European Commission were named. Margrethe Vestager became Commissioner for Competition – sorry. Unfortunately, because she did not become Commissioner for the financial market regulation […]

Know how to avoid the pitfalls of consumer loan subscriptions

Loans, whether for personal use or for the payment of debt, may be required. After all, who has never wanted to buy a nice car, buy high-tech equipment or enjoy a pleasant stay by the sea without the means? However, if you decide to borrow, there are pitfalls to know and avoid if you want […]

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