Borrow without loan! Is it possible?


Will there be any loan without credit information?

Here’s the question we’ve been asked many times …

There’s a lot of talk on the net on how to get a loan without credit information.

However, the fact is that no “normal” loan service will issue a loan to a person with a payment default.

The only exception is a few pawn shops where you can borrow without credit information .

The pawn shop, however, requires a pledge on its loan, and nothing is worthy of the pledge, but it must be a real money item.

For example, if you have gold jewelery or value tables, you can use them as a security deposit.


Why are discussion forums claiming that a loan can be obtained without credit information?

We have encountered several discussion forums with the following headlines: Here you can get a loan without credit information!

Then, when the message starts to look more closely, you will notice that it has a link to a website of a bad-featured loan comparison site.

When you look at this site a little further, there are often ads that pay compensation to the site owner depending on how many clicks there will be.

This type of activity is wrong and misleads consumers into believing that someone could get a loan even if the credit information had gone.

And these advertisers generally don’t want their ads to appear on that type of site, as it only costs extra.

That is, in short, it can be said that such forum posts are full of lies and that someone desperate to try to make money with advertisements.

Usually, these types of spam sites will be removed from the web very quickly.


This is the only way to get a loan without credit information.

If your credit history is gone, you are sure that it is impossible to get a loan from any loan service.

The only option left is to borrow money from your family or friends.

However, remember that if you borrow money from a family member, for example, you should really repay the loan.

Nothing is a more effective way to break the gaps with friends or family members than to lend them and leave it unpaid.

So think twice about how important it is for you to get that loan ?

Are you sure you can pay it back?

What happens if you can’t repay the loan?

Life is difficult enough when credit information is gone, do not make things worse by breaking the gaps with people around you.


A normal bank can borrow even if there is a credit note!

A regular bank may provide loans to people whose credit records have gone.

Of course, this is always case-specific and is affected by many things.

One of my acquaintances got a loan from the bank even though there was an entry in the credit information.

The bank can therefore grant a loan to the unconscious, but the following matters affect the granting of the credit decision :

  • How old is a credit disorder?
  • What has the payment default sign been?
  • Do you have a property, such as an apartment, a car or something else?
  • What was your life situation at the time of the payment default?
  • What is your current life situation?
  • How much and regular income do you have?
  • Is it possible for you to get a loan from a personal assistant or co-seeker?

In my case, the situation was this:

  • The payment default was almost a year old.
  • The subscription had come from an unpaid phone bill.
  • My tutulary was a property.
  • Payment interruption was entered in connection with the crisis.
  • He now had a permanent employment relationship and a reasonable salary.
  • She got her parents to guarantee the loan she was looking for.

I don’t know the size of the loan, so I don’t know how big the loan he got.

This is just one example of the fact that even though credit information has gone, you can still get financing when other things are fine.

Of course, this is also a unique example, it may be that another bank would not have granted a loan.